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ŞAH International Frigo

ŞAH International Transportation, With its refrigerated vehicle fleet, it carries out cold chain food and medicine transportation, especially vegetables and fruits.

It provides logistics services by road to Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

Features of Our Fleet

  • All new vehicles
  • Refrigerated vehicle fleet
  • Satellite Tracking System
  • Temperature control by satellite

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+90 326 221 80 36

Solution oriented service...

Having a high experience in the international network it works with, ŞAH International Transportation, Russia, Balkan countries, Azerbaijan, Iraq especially Turkey, It offers flexible, creative and solution-oriented service based on customer satisfaction in road transport with its fleet of completely refrigerated vehicles and expert staff between countries such as Georgia.

In the right place, at the right time...

ŞAH Interna Logistics, experienced staff and quality standards works with the principle of reliable service and timely delivery to its customers in road transport with its suitable vehicle fleet. Environment-friendly vehicles in Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards can be monitored 24 hours a day with a satellite tracking system, and it offers the service providers the opportunity to monitor at every stage of transportation. The cabin temperature of the refrigerated vehicles, all of which are in the self-owned fleet, can be monitored via the satellite tracking system 24 hours a day.

ŞAH International Transport
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